Text: Judy Rhum
Direction: Simone Natale

Today’s THE SCRIBBLERS’ protagonist ain’t just painting walls; he’s crafting a statement, turning the graffiti rulebook inside out and hitting it hard with colors and forms that pretend our attention. Let’s welcome another French onboard: Remon.


His production focuses on an immersive experimentalism that weakens the architectures of traditional graffiti, bringing lettering to an "anti-monumental" level, in which color laying, outlines, and composition in space become a challenging prototype for all the addicted to precision.

This evolution takes place in recent years, in which the writer’s neatness of execution is left behind, to push instead a more impulsive pursuit that manages to stand out among the crowd, taking all the "risks" associated with it.

The intent behind breaking the rules and stereotypes associated with a discipline that has been making its place in the world for almost half a century now, perfectly embodies the rule number one of the graffiti movement, turning it upside down into its opposite.

Go a bit further than this little article and explore a full Grog Ink Heads’ chapter featuring the writer and focusing on his hand style only.

With an ironically flying start the protagonist takes us around Lille, Paris and Athens for a night time tour squeezing mops on shutters and for some day time actions. The vibes in this clip are super hi-larious, meanwhile the chuckling behind the camera goes wild, the writer builds up a consistent doors tagging collection... it goes without saying, you are going to remember Remon’s handstyle and his attitude, typical of those who want to live their lives at the fullest by not missing a juicy spot!

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